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Quick Details

A fun filled day where you will get to inmerse yourself in the Domincan Culture guided by the friendliest staff. Try fresh sugar cane juice, learn how cigars are rolled, be welcomed at a Dominican house, have a delicious typical lunch and end your day enjoying the waters of the amazing Anamuya river.

Adult Ages 13+
Child Ages 3-12
Infant Ages 3 and under

Immerse yourself in Dominican culture

Camera in hand, get ready to capture unbelievable panoramas and typical Dominican villages and visit the largest and most important church.

On the road, you will see schools and famous “colmado.’’ Drive across sugar cane and rice plantations. Learn why and how the Spanish brought sugar cane culture to this island and the economic impact.

See how they used a “trapiche’’ – wheel grinder pulled by oxen – to extract the syrup of sugar cane. Ride our truck through the Anamuya mountain and have direct contact with the day to day life in the countryside.

Full itinerary

Set out to board a safari-style jeep and get to know the Dominican countryside. There are fun and adventure behind every twist and turn on our cultural safari tour. Come and experience nature surrounded by teeming jungles and bewildering seascapes.

We begin this day by taking the route to Higüey where, in addition to touring its streets, we will visit the largest and most important church in the country, the Basilica of La Altagracia.

Camera in hand, get ready to capture unbelievable panoramas of unequaled wildlife. Gallop in the outskirts of a lush, tropical countryside paradise. An exciting yet challenging feat for the novice and seasoned horseback rider alike.

Cruise across a sugar cane plantation. Witness the traditional way the indigenous people plowed this crop. Go inside an artisan sugar cane mill, and watch an accurate re-enactment of a colonial-era trapiche (wheel grinder). See this crop transform before your eyes, from cane juice to molasses and vines, until becoming the finest Dominican rum.

Perhaps the best mature, ripe tobacco has been harvested from this land, befitting only the finest cigar brands in the world which use them in their manufacturing process.

This tour would not be complete without learning hands-on from master craftsmen, who generation after generation have made the most coveted cigars by hand.

To complete this journey, visit a local family in their home. With smiles, they invite you to their farm and their coffee plantation. Also, take a moment to taste real cacao and many exotic fruits. This cultural immersion is definitely the highlight of your vacation.

There are no better digestives after eating a delightful typical lunch at the top of the mountain. Charming pastel-colored country cottages flawlessly blend in with the lush vegetation. Frolic amid the foliage as you savor the most delectable exotic tropical fruits, freshly-brewed coffee, and cocoa in its purest form.

Splendid powdery white sand beaches, formidable tidal waves are ideal to catch a wave standing over a boogie board. However, if you are exhausted from a day full of adventure, perhaps you would much prefer to sunbathe and sample the simple pleasure of island culture, sipping a heartwarming Cuba Libre.

This cultural tour in Punta Cana – Bávaro is definitely unforgettable!