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Quick Details

Adult Ages 13+
Child Ages 6-12

You will fall in love with Larimar!

Created by volcanic activity, no piece is similar because each stone has a spectrum of shades of blue with its unique striations and gradations.
We also offer a large selection of jewelry made around the globe.

Their passion for jewelry and traveling has allowed them to discover original artisans in different countries in order to offer her clientele works of artisans from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Chile and many others.

These unique pieces will make you fall in love with our store!

Learn & Taste
You can learn everything about the production process, from the bean to the bar. And not only the bar, They also offer the whole range of organic cocoa and chocolate products that will satisfy any chocolate lover.

You can learn the whole process of producing high quality cocoa, how cocoa trees grow, what types are grown in the Dominican Republic, how the pods are harvested, how the beans are extracted, fermented and dried.

With their chocolate experts, you will discover each step in the creation of a chocolate bar. They will guide you through tasting several types of chocolate and you will learn to savor chocolate with all your senses.

At their cigar cellar you will learn more about the history of tobacco, its culture, its manufacturing process, and how to taste a good cigar.

You will also find a large selection of quality local Dominican rums as well as flavored liqueurs. On-site rum tasting will surely sparkle your curiosity!
On your arrival, they welcome you with a tasting of homemade Mamajuana!

They have been manufacturing their own high-end cigars under the Reserva Cristóbal Colón brand since 2005.

Their expertise makes them stand out by offering you brand cigars made exclusively at their store.